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HHow many times you got the request to build some urgent script right away, no answers on the net and just examples does not really helping. here you can buy the script you need right a way and be the hero of the day!! Amazing script helping you going over all files in Unix/Linux machine and replace one value with another. best when creating new account by taking some tar from old account and need to change host name/port etc. and you are having new account in 10 Minutes
Price : 2 USD Only !!

  Buy now Check if your Elasticsearch index and the Oracle DB are in Sync(Same count for specific table , you can define which table each time) in a second. You can define which tables you want to compare, and i will Deliver the suitable script for you..
Price: 5 USD Only !! got lots of XMLs to fill in and to upload to GUI , no need to do it manually just run this script on Unix/Linux and get all your XMLs ready to Upload fast.
Price: 5 USD Only !!